Robert Goins is a Bronx, N.Y. native that was destined for stardom from an early age.  When he was just 13 years old he was given a contract with the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus, perhaps the world's most famous circus.  Robert Goins was the leader of the second unit in the King Charles troop, a unicycle group that was world famous.  In 1977 he appeared in New York Magazine in a five page article highlighting his achievements as he performed for President Carter. 
Robert Goins true talent lay in the music world.  In 1982 he signed with Star Vision International Records and did shows with various artists such as The Force, M.D.'s, Africa Bambatta, Treacherous 3, and Master Don and the Def Committee. Robert Goins, known as Master Ice, opened for a group called Double Exposure, for a party hosted by Von Harper on WBLS, and in 1983 he released the smash hit
“Party Rap” and “Unicycle Rap” while performing on unicycles.  This had never been done before in the history of hip hop.
In 1992 he founded Ebony and Ivory records in which he produced the smash world wide hit “United” by Ray Day featuring Jacquelyn Studomire.  The hit became #2 on the charts.  He would later produce “A Man is a Man” by Capital C and in 1999 he released “No Woman No Cry” by Michael Livingston.
Robert Goins is also the founding CEO of GO Records and in 2003 he produced the hit single “Pump up the Gas” by Tempest. He has been in variouis hip hop magazines such as Xplosive, Asis along his longtime friend “OG” Larry Davis and even ASCAP Playback Magazine.  Robert Goins has expanded into the movie business with his debut on the silver screen in the movie Muhammad Ali the man Muhammad Ali the fighter.  He co-stared in the movie Justice System directed by Paul De Silva and appeared in Malcolm X directed by Spike Lee.
In 2005 Robert Goins also worked behind the scenes with directors Jeff Stanzler where he did the second casting for the film “Sorry Haters” starring Robin Wright Penn, Abdel Kechiche, Elodie Bouchez and Sandra Oh.  In 2006 he conducted the second casting from his office for the blockbuster film “American Gangster” directed by Ridley Scott and starring Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe.  In 2008 he did the PA work and was interviewed and appeared in the BET Series “American Gangster” feature “OG” Larry Davis. The show was the highest rated episode in BET history.  Robert Goins is currently working with Jack Finkelstein and Nihali Entertainment in putting together a production company to produce movies. 
Robert Goins is co-founder with Jack Finkelstein in The Entrepreneurial Center and The TEC Center, Inc..  A not-for-profit and for-profit organizations that plans to dramatically reduce the drop out rate of high school students. This situation is called The Silent Epidemic whereby 25% to 50% of the students do not graduate.  The Entrepreneurial Center, also known as TEC, will teach students how to think and act like entrepreneurs, will also teach them a trade, fund the upstart cost of the business, and partner with the members to insure success.   This is the only organization of it's kind in the United States and TEC plans to attract at least 1 million members during it's first year in operation. In addition, TEC is planning to expand it's unique educational philosophy to other countries., a worldwide internet and television show contracted with Robert to star in The Robert Goins Show.  A one-hour entertainment show featuring new talent that will be shown and shot live at 6PM every Thursday starting November 19, 2009.  The show is also sponsored by The TEC Center ( and will feature tremendous business opportunities that the home audience will be able to take advantage of.  For more information you can also visit
2009 is a break out year for Robert Goins as his major projects to include The Entrepreneurial Center, GO Records, and The Robert Goins Show which will be promoting several rap stars, producing music programs, TV shows, and movies.
Roland Russell has been involved in the music industry for over since 1983.  Music companies at that time were not experienced in marketing and promoting music to urban city youths.  As a result, he decided to learn how to promote music which caught the attention of major record labels. 
In 1986, MCA expressed a strong interest in developing their urban music division and hired Roland as their Account Service Representative and Urban Music Market Manager.  During his 10 year affiliaiton with this conglomerate, he helped develop the careers of such artists as Mry J. Blige, Guy, Jodeci, New Edition, Bobby Brown and Patti Labelle.  Roland's responsibilities included involvement in radio promotion, retail marketing, road management, video shooting, promotional tours, street promotions, retail product placement and autograph signing appearances.
After his departure from MCA, he extended his services to other music comapnies such as Motown, Virgin and Zoo Records.  He is currently working as an independent east coast promotions manager for several of Warner Brothers' and Universal's music divisions.
Mr. Russell's marketing and promotional skills have also been utilized by organizations outside of the music industry.  Some of those organizations include Tommy Hilfiger, Varcity Fashions and Guinness Stout.  While associated with these companies, he was responsible for setting up promotional events, field and street promotions, as well as billboard and radio advertisements.
Mr. Russell attended Chaney State Colelge in Harrisburg, PA as a communications major. He recently received his license and certification in Video and television production for Bronxnet Television from Lehman College.  His professional memberships include ASCAP Publishing.
Roland Russell is the recipient of numerous promotional and marketing awards including 24 certified RIAA Gold and Platinum Plaques, the Retail Promotional Manager Award and the 1996 Merchandiser of the Year Award.
More recently Mr. Russell has joined Robert Goins and the Robert Goins Show in assisting us in promoting talent that will also appearing on The Robert Goins Show.
Straight from the hip this cat keeps it real. 6ft 2in 198 pounds of hard work he has carved his notch in the music underground world.  I say underground because this is where the grind is, this cat is everywhere passing vocals and a couple of background tunes such up and coming artist like, Gee Surviva, my man Gods Chosen” OBG” Black Clique Entertainment and representing “True Heroes Under Gods” clothes wear.  His talents range from vocalist to working with comedians Gerald Kelly, Mark Stapleton and Capone. Chaz has been a fixture at the club scene running his own shows at club NYCH’E.  One of the original members of a group called Rock -n- Steady not Rock Steady but was one of the first rap groups to blaze Sweet Waters when it was the spot.  His list of performances are Cotton Club Harlem, Blue Note, Club 28 , the old Willies Entertainments Lounge in Harlem World where he performs his show with Almighty Q (Rising Stars Ent.) his main man and of course the best of the R&B vocalist started off in Church. “Watch out for his team from B-more “Unreal” he’s for real though”.
What do you think you bring to the Hip-Hop scene?  Well it is funny I kind of vibe to the Hip-Hop on the R&B smooth tip, and I been in the game for a while. Sheeze!! I can remember when my sister used to put a comb in my hand and I thought I was Michael Jackson, that’s when he was black.  “Music is my life. I love music, the sound the lyrics the rhythm”.  Who is the hottest artist out? Well for starters it got to be Prince hands down if he is reading this call me dude I can hang and old school.  "They always call me Prince because at the Karaoke spots I do a mean Beautiful Ones". He hangs out at Sam’s Soul Food Bar, Cafe Lou's and the newest hotspot Called Nyche' where he is reinventing his show case.  He dropped some old school bars at Scotties in the Northern Bronx, Orlando Fla. Marriott World Center and Larry Legends basket ball tournament belt out a few bars during half time.  He is the untouchable host at Bomb Baby Showcase and is always on call with the Storm Watch Show and Only One Fence Show Cases.
Have you ever done anything that you are not proud of?  “Getting booed at the Apollo blacks are tough we are too hard on each other or I didn’t have what it takes”... He is currently running with the movie scene spot in a movie with Denzel Washington and Russell Crow flick called “American Gangsta “and a movie called "Sorry Haters" with Jenny Penn. Also in an independent movie called Chippo, which he plays a charismatic fashion instructor.  Keep your eyes on the look out for this Rising Star.  If you were looking you probably caught him on blast with H2O Films and Street Vision telling his story.
 Enclosing any shout outs? “Oh yeah to my sons Chris and Tyrek hold it down daddy loves ya.  I worked with Xplosive Magazine, RisingStars Magazine, Teen News Net  and His new Home Protégé Magazine and a couple of photo shots for the Source Magazine freelancing "so things are looking up”. His Cd should be out by the turn of 2010 produced by Cotto Mantra Records a talented producers and Prestige Ent. “R&B needs the truth back and Chaz is not dead." Check him and some of his supporting acts on  
Chaz is now appearing in The Robert Goins Show in a variety of roles. From mc’ing our Battle of the School Starz and Battle of the Street Starz segments to doing standup or whatever. Chaz is multi-talented and will also have a breakout year in 2010.
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