Robert Goins is co-founder of The TEC Center Program.  A program that teaches educational training that leads to jobs primarily for inner-city individuals with a high school or GED degree.  We are looking for additional individual and corporate sponsorship for this program.  Please Contact Us if you have an interest.
Following is additional information on The TEC Center Program (you can also visit and for additional information):
Whether you are a corporation looking to promote your products and services to over 100 million people, a foundation that is looking for a 501c3 not-for-profit organization that helps at-risk individuals, or a celebrity, athlete, or just a person that wants to help those that society has left behind.  The TEC Center is about a "movement" that we believe will carry on the tradition of Martin Luther King's Civil Rights Program. 
25% to 50% of high school kids and 50% of college kids are not graduating school.  This is called the Silent Epidemic because not many people are talking about a situation that impacts approximately 3 million people every year. The TEC Center Program has spent over 3 years in coming up with a solution to The Silent Epidemic.  The TEC Center can teach these individuals how to think and act like an entrepreneur, give them over 50 trades and businesses to learn, upfront the cost of starting the business, and partner with our members to insure success. 
More recently, The TEC Center has developed a relationship with a Philadelphia based company called Equity Exchange, headed by Jeff Pearson, that will provide over 3,000 sales positions to TEC members. We are finalizingour traiing program to teach individuals how to become successful sales people and a power point presentation that will assist the sales people in acquiring sales. 
We now nee your help to implement this program.
The TEC Center, sponsors of The Robert Goins Show has put together a unique marketing program that will give a corporation the ability to market their products and services to over 100 million individuals.This marketing program is also designed to increase sales the moment the program is implemented.
“Many corporations today want to promote their products and services to the inner city / urban market.  A market that represents 1/3 of the U.S. population – approximately 100 million people.  The Entrepreneurial Center (TEC) has created a program that not only gives you inroads to this target market – but also gives you the ability to solve a major problem impacting this market – The Silent Epidemic.  One minute of your time can help millions for a lifetime – and increase your bottom line.
Understanding the inner city market is something we do better than anyone else.  In order to capture that market a corporation needs to help solve the Silent Epidemic.  This is not only a problem you can help solve through The TEC Center Program, but helping solve this problem will ensure millions of new customers.  In addition, you will be promoting the greatest social movement since the civil rights and the voting rights act.
We strongly believe that the first major corporation to take an active role in helping solve the Silent Epidemic will realize a very large and loyal market.  This is a unique opportunity to capture the single largest target market in the United States – The inner city / urban market.
Obviously we would like every person who is considered at-risk to benefit from The TEC Center Program. that is why we would like corporation, foundation, or individuals to sponsor individuals to our program.  We have decided to sponsor The Robert Goins Show as just the beginning of our goal to promote the TEC Center Program to the American population. 
We are also proud of the fact that Robert Goins is a co-founder of The TEC Center Program along with Jack Finkelstein.
Whatever your goals might be - want to donate to a 501c3 not-for-profit corporation and take advantage of the write-offs, sponsor kids to the TEC Center program, or promote your products or services to a tremendous target market - please contact us to discuss how together we can make a difference.
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