Robert Goins is promoting his favorite group "Kollabo."  Come to the TLA in Philly on July 21 and you will see a show like no other.  Kollabo, other groups, fantastic models and a fashion show, comedy, and much more.  See the Home Page for more info.  AND, don't forget to visit the web site to download Kollabo songs.
Robert Goins put on spectacular shows right in the heart of New York City's Times Square.  These live shows were hosted by Robert and promoted lots of new talent - some of whom signed contracts.  That's what it is all about.  Here is some information about those shows:
The Robert Goins Show promises to be a unique entertainment show that promotes new talent, interviews movers and shakers in the entertainment industry, entrepreneurs who can help you get jobs with The TEC Center program, politicians, members of law enforcement, and members of not-for-profit organizations who are attempting to help those living in the inner cities. In addition, it's primary sponsor, will provide entrepreneurial opportunites in a number of businesses where they will upfront the cost.  In addition, they will shortly announce sales opporunities for over 3,000 people (see TEC CENTER JOB OPPORTUNITIES).
The Robert Goins Show in conjunction with Go Records will also produce a number of shows for television such as "Battle of the School Starz", and "Battle of the Street Starz". Robert Goins will also produce Broadway type shows "From Doo Wop to Hip Hop", and movies such as "The Story of Rap" "The Mad, Mad City" and "The Larry Davis Story."
The Robert Goins Show will be heavily involved in fashion, promoting new talent through many of the productions mentioned above, and as co-founder of The TEC Center (, the audience at home will be made aware of many businesses and trades that they can learn and participate in as owners and part owners of their own business.
The Robert Goins Show promises to be the most entertaining and informative show on the Worldwide Internet Television and Cable TV. Robert Goins wants to help promote talented individuals - and he wants to provide job opportunities.  Politicians better be ready to answer what have they done lately to help the kids - and corporations better be ready to sponsor kids and businesses through The TEC Center.
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